about us

Pastoral care is at the heart of all we do at Terrington Hall. Every effort is made to ensure that the school environment is one within which our children feel happy, secure, confident and valued; also, importantly, that support is at hand should things go wrong. Free-flow of communication is actively encouraged between parents and school and a friendly, caring atmosphere promoted.

Form tutor

The main focus for pastoral care for each child is the class teacher or form tutor who has primary responsibility for their pupils’ pastoral and academic oversight. The role of the form tutor is also paramount in keeping parents informed. The tutor communicates with parents through the prep diary, and parents are actively encouraged to maintain an open dialogue via email. Tutors are also always available for informal chats at the beginning and end of each school day.

Buddy system

Each child, from Nursery to Year 8, has a younger or older buddy. This encourages self-esteem and eases the transition of children from the Pre-Prep to the Lower Prep. It also promotes strong friendships across the year groups. Children meet regularly with their buddies through activities such as reading partnerships, at playtime, or join each other for special assemblies. The younger pupils in particular derive a tremendous sense of self-worth and belonging from the interest and affection shown towards them by the older pupils. New children in our community are assigned a ‘looker-afterer’ as a peer buddy to help them settle in.

House system

Houses give children a sense of belonging and a common purpose beyond themselves as individuals. House points are awarded for effort, improvement, academic achievement, sport and contributions to the school. Interhouse competitions such as Sports Day, the swimming gala, Summer art exhibition and instrumental competition encourage the children to participate in wide range of activities for their House.

Worries and concerns

It is very important to us that our pupils know they can speak to any adult about any worries or concerns. If they feel that they are unable to speak to an adult, they can use the ‘worry box’ which is situated in a quiet area in the school library. Sometimes they may choose to confide in a prefect or their buddy. The important thing is that they always know there is somewhere they can go and that help will be given.

Outside of the teaching staff, there are a number of key adults who are known by our pupils to be available to help. These include the Headmaster’s wife Mrs Mulryne, our Catering Manager Rachael Liversidge and the Headmaster’s PA Mrs Edgar. Outside school, our Independent Listener is the Reverend Taff Morgan. Taff leads school assemblies twice a week, is regularly seen around school and at school events, and is known by all the pupils.


PSHCE lessons and form periods foster confidence and responsibility amongst all pupils. They are an opportunity for children to develop a good relationship with their tutors, to discuss concerns and to explore themes such as self-esteem, citizenship and multiculturalism.

Pupil Forum

The Pupil Forum meets at least twice a term to discuss issues raised by pupils or staff. Outcomes are fed back to pupils during form time. Examples of discussion topics are uniform, food, school equipment and choice of activities on offer.

Rewards and behaviour

The school has a high expectation of pupil behaviour, and our reward and behaviour policy, including sanctions, is discussed with all pupils. The children are very aware of what is expected of them. In addition to earning house points, children can gain bronze, silver and gold certificates which are awarded in our weekly house assembly. Sanctions are applied when necessary.


Terrington Hall is committed to being a part of our local community. We hold our termly and weekly services in the village church, and we choose a local charity to support each year, with pupils developing their own fundraising initiatives.