about us

First and foremost, our school is a very happy place to work!

We are surrounded by the most beautiful countryside, overlooking the Howardian Hills and if ever staff crave a quiet moment, the sports pitches provide stunning views.

We are a traditional prep school with a very modern timetable. Our outlook is progressive: we offer low cost flexi -boarding and flexible days, with drop off as early as 7.30am and pick up as late as 7.30pm. Working parents particularly, know their children are kept busy with after school clubs and sport right up until their last minute here.

Academically, we are shining. Half of this year's leavers won scholarships. Throughout the school, the promotion of academic excellence and the importance of hard work ensures all our children fulfil their potential. They move onto their senior school of choice as happy, balanced individuals who are ready to show the world their Terringtonian spirit and pursue their academic curiosity.

Our teachers are given the environment to work to the very best of their ability here: Small class sizes, delightfully polite children and a friendly, supportive team. Innovation is valued, change is embraced and a commitment to our Terringtonian values permeates everything we do. We couldn’t be more proud of our school and its staff. Their achievements are too numerous to mention, and their dedication is unfailing.

Ms Suzy Ward, Deputy Head.