education support

Informed, timely and caring educational support is at the heart of all good schools. Aware that learning difficulties can be experienced by a broad spectrum of children, including the brightest, Terrington’s staff are alert to any indication that a child may be in need of extra help or intervention.

This may be via routine class assessment, behavioural observations or concerns raised by parents. Whatever the source, the school is primed for early identification and is committed to ensuring that appropriate support is given.

Our small class sizes ensure that we are able to meet the requirements of children who require additional support within the normal school curriculum, as well as stretch and challenge our Able, Gifted and Talented (AGT) pupils.

Two sessions a week are run for the AGT group drawn from Years 6-8. Children who attend these will have been identified by routine assessments at the end of Year 5 and Year 7.

We are also well equipped to support children whose first language is not English.

In addition, we offer two further levels of support:

School Action

The form teacher identifies a child struggling in a specific curriculum area. The Director of Studies (DoS) liaises with the Special Educational Need Coordinator (SENCO) to diagnose a specific issue and draw up a plan to address the specific learning problem. We have in-house tests for Dyscalculia and Dyslexia as well as other diagnostic tools to assist in the assessment process. The DoS and SENCO then meet with the parents to discuss strategies. The child’s progress is monitored in class by the form teacher and SENCO and exit criteria are drawn up. This service is included in the basic termly fee.

School Action +

This involves a level of support that is over and above that which can be provided in class. Typically, it will involve an agreed programme of one-to-one sessions with the SENCO focussing on an area of specific need. Should there be an issue of concern outside the remit of our in-house experience and qualifications, we would seek further advice from external agencies.

The cost of a half-hour lesson of individual extra tuition with the SENCO is ÂŁ12.50.