academic overview

At Terrington Hall our aim is to produce confident, self-motivated and independent learners. We believe that the key to this lies in developing a love of learning and our aim, especially in the early years, is to make learning fun.

Children, like adults, love to meet with success. We take every opportunity to celebrate with our children when they do so. Success breeds success and by celebrating with our children we encourage them to take up the next challenge and to work hard to meet it.

Out of success also comes confidence. A hallmark of a Terringtonian is the confidence they exude, a confidence which has been gained by being encouraged and told that they are good enough.


Treating each child as an individual, the Pre-prep encourages each child to explore, develop and learn at their own pace. Supported by a generous teacher/child ratio and with an emphasis on praise and rewards, the children quickly settle into a lively, fun and stimulating environment. Nursery and Reception follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, with the introduction of Spanish in Reception, whilst Year 1 and 2 develops key skills from the National Curriculum. The teaching throughout Pre-Prep is topic-led and cross-curricular, offering an inspiring, challenging and varied framework for learning.

Prep School

In the Prep School, in addition to the core subjects of English, Maths and Science, Terrington’s syllabus includes Spanish, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Music, Drama, Art, PSHCE and Physical Education. Latin is introduced in Year 5, French in Year 7 and Ancient Greek to the scholars in Year 8.

Lessons in the early Prep-School years are designed to develop the skills and knowledge needed to tackle the requirements of the Common Entrance course in Years 7 and 8. While traditional in many ways, this course has moved with the times. Pupils are stretched during its rigorous programme of study and develop skills of independent analytical thought, essay writing, independent research, study and learning skills and different presentation methods.

By Years 7 and 8 the curriculum is planned largely according to the Scholarship and Common Entrance exam requirements at 13+. Scholarship pupils, many of whom will have been identified by Terrington’s Gifted and Talented programme, will be extended by our specialist teachers, whilst all pupils are individually prepared for the entrance exams to the senior school of their choice. The feedback from the many independent schools chosen by our leavers, is that our pupils arrive extremely well prepared across the curriculum.