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Activities to stretch, challenge and entertain

The Enrichment Programme is broad and varied, providing a range of exciting activities which stretch every child and draw upon the varied interests and expertise of our staff.

These include but aren’t limited to: brain games and board games where pupils can learn to solve crosswords; cryptic crosswords; Sudoku; word wheels and other cerebral challenges. They can also learn chess or other games involving strategic thinking and planning.

Languages at an Independent Private School

Children can also learn the basics of Greek, Japanese and other languages which extend our MFL curriculum.
Year 8 have the opportunity to learn communication skills through the Trinity College Programme.

Design technology, art and pottery further develop what we are able to offer in the classroom. Talented artists, who may be seeking scholarships as they approach Year 8, are able to build a fuller portfolio or learn to re-furbish furniture while others tinker with machinery or build go-carts.

The Enrichment programme also develops our sporting provision, giving pupils the opportunity to play girls’ rugby, make use of the climbing wall or learn the basics of golf.

During Enrichment time, many pupils will practise for drama productions, the choir or other musical performances at various times during the school year.

We hold regular off-curriculum days, based around mathematical skills, World Book day or music and drama competitions. Pupils have even learnt to play quidditch.

Holiday Clubs

We host Holiday Clubs at Terrington Hall during the school holidays. For more information, click here.

Thanks for the confidence you have encouraged in our son with your support of his running, particularly with your Wednesday morning sessions. It is great to see how the school is helping him grow as a young boy to fulfil his potential.