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Creating a connection with music

Music helps your child to grow in so many ways. Learning an instrument is a chance to express creativity, and develop a skill that builds confidence. Playing with others grows our sense of community and cooperation.

Expanding musical horizons

We believe your child’s passion for music will blossom if it is built on a firm understanding of musical concepts. At Terrington Hall, all classes work progressively through study units that introduce and consolidate this fundamental knowledge.

Most importantly, we also use Music as bridge to other subjects, linking it to the wider curriculum. By combining Music, Drama and Dance we immerse our children in a fully rounded performing arts education.

The joy of movement

Discovering the joy of moving to music is important at any age – and we make this movement a key part of music lessons at Pre Prep and Lower Prep. This fundamental physical connection with music is a rhythm that runs throughout your child’s time with us, culminating in ‘Project Taiko’ in Year 8.

There is nothing like the experience of discovering an instrument or a musical genre for the first time. Every child in Lower and Upper Prep completes a whole class instrument programme so they experience a wide range of music. They’ll also learn to play different instruments such as tuned percussion or the ukulele.

Music in the Upper Prep

In the Upper Prep, your child will discover more music from around the world, from West African Drumming to Brazilian Samba. They will also develop the performance and composition skills they’ve learned so far. We increasingly use written musical notation during these topics, creating a clear progression of understanding from Years 3 to 8.

Music beyond independent school curriculum

Whether it’s our various choirs, our orchestra, brass group, woodwind ensemble or flute choir, our passion for music goes well beyond the classroom. We aim to give your child every opportunity to experience the joy of performing their music, in concerts, recitals and musicals throughout the year.

Throughout the school, we are supported by a team of dedicated and passionate peripatetic staff. They deliver one-to-one tuition in a range of instruments, sharing their expertise and guiding every child towards their goals.

Our son was really looking forward to being involved in tonight’s concert. Being on stage is a very new experience for him and I think it is so important that children get such opportunities. We were thrilled that he was able to be part of it.