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Trips and residentials

Expanding Horizons

Experiencing different places develops life skills, confidence and understanding beyond the classroom. Terrington Hall pupils enjoy both day and residential trips. We see these as an essential part of your child’s development.

Day Trips

Every child from Nursery onwards enjoys regular school wellbeing outings. These carefully planned outdoor education experiences are always age appropriate and stimulating, and aim to complement classroom learning.

Your child will also have the chance to take part in a wide variety of local and national competitions and experiences. These include sports fixtures, music performances, art trips, maths challenges, science days and quiz championships.

Residential Trips with a Private School in York

From Year 3 onwards, we gradually introduce our pupils to residential trips – starting with shorter residentials and the annual Terrington Hall campout. Every child is encouraged to take part. The trips combine adventure and fun, and give children the freedom to discover, learn and explore.

We also run an optional Ski Trip for children and families from Year 3 and above.

These early residential experiences build life skills, self-esteem and confidence, encouraging children to challenge themselves within a safe and controlled environment. They also prepare them for the two big adventures in Year 7 and Year 8.

Year 7 Trips

Year 7 children enjoy a camping holiday in the Summer term, typically in the South West of England. Activities include sailing at a local water park, paddle boarding, orienteering and team-building exercises to prepare them for senior roles in Year 8.

Year 8 Trips

Year 8 spend a week abroad in the Summer term, often in France. Activities typically include sailing, kayaking and rock climbing. They also discover more about the culture of the local area.

New experiences, exciting challenges

Whether it’s a day trip or a residential adventure, children return walking slightly taller – and feeling more confident that life’s opportunities are there for the taking.

Our daughter was so full of stories when she got home. It was absolutely lovely to see her almost bursting to tell us how much fun they had had, what they had done and achieved and importantly, how they had supported each other.