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Year 4 investigates habitats and living things

IMG 4771

Drawing on the knowledge and skills developed in the classroom, Year 4 had a magical day at Howsham Mill exploring their current science topic on living things and their habitats, and putting their classification skills into practice.

The morning was spent inspecting the various natural habitats around this idyllically-situated 18th-century water mill, including the canal, the river, the woodland and the pathways. The children used a key to identify and classify invertebrates and learnt how to use a pooter correctly. Foraging gently through the undergrowth they collected a wide variety of species, inspecting them carefully for defining characteristics.

The day ended by giving something back to this extraordinarily beautiful outdoor educational resource, with the children improving a number of habitats around Howsham Mill.


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Celebrating our art competition finalists

IMG 3327 Copy

Many congratulations to Year 7 pupils Theresa Rietveld and Hannah Tench who are finalists in Shrewsbury School’s Prep School Art & Design Competition.

Entries were invited from Year 3 to Year 7 on the theme of ‘My Favourite Things’ and were judged for their originality and creativity, confident handling of materials and for their boldness and impact.

Theresa and Hannah have been invited to attend an art masterclass at Shrewsbury School on Friday 22 March where they will take part in a series of interactive workshops.

During the course of the day, the winners of Shrewsbury School’s Prep School Art & Design Competition will be announced at a prize-giving presentation. We wish them every success!


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Comic Relief at Terrington Hall

IMG 3404 Copy

The whole school got behind Comic Relief by dressing up and supporting the cake sale.

Doctors, farmers, policemen, ballerinas, princesses, policemen, firemen, a marine biologist and a cowboy were on parade in Pre-prep as the children enthusiastically took up the brief to come into school as what they want to be when they grew up.

Further up the school, rock stars, rugby players, Roman gladiators, Ninjas and Ronaldo featured in Lower Prep’s turn-out for Comic Relief. They had been asked to come into school dressed in something beginning with R or N.

Upper Prep came into school dressed in something red, with some taking the opportunity to go a bit further by pulling on red wigs and dying their hair (and eyebrows!).

Thank you to the pupils who brought in cakes for the cake sale!


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Years 1 & 2 learn about healthy eating

DSCN9781 2

Years 1 and 2 enjoyed a visit to Tesco's in Driffield where they learned about food hygiene and healthy eating, how bread is made in-store and where the fish is sourced for the fish counter.

The first stop of the morning was to wash hands and put on hairnets and aprons before entering the in-store bakery. The pungent smell of the yeast came as something as a shock to the children as did the enormous scale of the food mixers and ovens where 600 bread buns can be accommodated in one go. They enjoyed spreading the toppings on the buns and seeing the bread slicer in action.

Next stop was the fish counter where they looked at the wares on sale and took a closer look at the mackerel, king prawns and sardines (so different from what is in the tin!).

A popular activity of the morning was tasting the selection of hot cross buns sold in preparation for Easter which linked nicely with the RS work back at school. Who would have thought that hot cross buns are now available in caramel and white chocolate and raspberry. Not in class teacher Mrs Stubbs’s day!

The visit rounded off with a discussion on healthy eating and how we can ensure enough fresh fruit and vegetables are included in our daily diet. Just to make sure they were covered for the day, the children stocked up on the strawberries, melon and grapes on offer!


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Year 5 enjoy a hands-on exploration of gravity

IMG 6733

Year 5 had a fantastic morning at Howsham Mill exploring their current science topic on gravity. After some lively discussion on gravity and friction with Helen, the Education Manager, the children worked in groups to design their own parachute for their cork parachutist, choosing from a range of materials. They then had great fun judging their effectiveness by dropping them from the balcony above the working area.

The next challenge for the children was to change one variable while keeping the others the same and predict the results. There was a flurry of activity while the children altered the size and material of their parachutes, with one group adding an extra canopy ‘Para style’. Lots of testing followed with drops being timed and recorded in order to gain results and prove or disprove their predictions. After we discussed the results and drew our conclusions, the children some free time to play in the woods before returning to school. A brilliant morning of hands-on learning and fun was had by all and we can’t wait to go back again!


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