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Lower Prep Christmas assembly

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Brimming with enthusiasm and confidence and decked out in their very best festive finery, Years 3-5 gave us a truly spectacular Christmas assembly starring festive class poetry, the junior choir, solo instrumentalists and a rousing Spanish rendition of 'Deck the Halls'.

The entertainment began with Year 4’s poised delivery of the Clement Moore’s Christmas classic, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’, complete with dramatic flourishes from the more daring (of whom there are many). Quieter, but just as effective, was Year 3’s sensitive performance of Barbara Vance’s ‘Winter’ as they told us of how nature ushers winter in. Year 5’s class performance drew on their term’s space topic. Fittingly including the song ‘A Spaceman Came Travelling’, they delivered a humorous space-themed sketch which had us all laughing.

It’s on occasions such as this that the breadth of the musical talent in the school really shines and none more so than in the Lower Prep where there is an almost 100% take-up of instrumental and singing lessons.

Amongst many standout performances, we were treated to some hell-raising pieces on drums from Finn (Song 2 by Blur), Will Rivis (Thriller by Michael Jackson) and Mikey Mulryne (Knock on Wood); beautifully modulated vocals from Alfie Brennan (My Grandfather’s Clock) and Darcie Walsh (Hushabye Mountain) and a sensitively sustained piece on sax by Rosa Lamont.

Finally, mention must be made of Junior Choir’s beautiful performance of John Rutter’s ‘The Carol of the Children’ and the tremendous sight of all members of Years 3-5 confidently ringing out ‘Deck the Halls’ in Spanish (Ya llego la Navidad).


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Terrington Hall's Christmas feast

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Always one of the most popular events of the year, this year’s Christmas Feast was a supremely happy occasion. The staff and Year 5-8 pupils dressed up in their festive finery, enjoyed a spectacular meal, laughed (a lot), played games and were thoroughly entertained by the prefects’ play.

Chef Andrew Jones and his staff had pulled out all the stops to prepare a sparkling Christmas meal with all the trimmings: Sutton Bank roasted stuffed turkey joint, honey-roasted Yorkshire parsnips, sprouts with roasted chestnuts and smoked bacon butter . . .

This year, to add an extra layer of sparkle to the staff’s attire, and ‘invitation’ had been issued for them to enter the ‘most festive teacher’ competition. Of course, this was an invitation in name only, the gauntlet had been thrown down and it was game on! Voted for by the children after the meal, the challenge was won hands-down by the irrepressible Miss Diggory who had fashioned a green beehive out of hair and adorned it with baubles and lights. Just for good measure, she had also strapped a reindeer to her chest. Other popular contenders included Mr Wright’s mesmerising Christmas suit with pink glitter shoes and Mrs Cole as a demure and hopelessly angelic Mary.

Time for two games of heads and tails and a game of bingo in which Miss Knights and Ms Ward acted out the festive words on the cards to much merriment. Then, the main entertainment of the evening, the prefects’ play in which Year 8 turn the tables on the staff to the enjoyment of all.


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A Christmas Cracker of a concert

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Terrington Hall’s Senior Choir, orchestra, instrumentalists and drama students showcased the musical and drama talent in the school at the end-of-term Geoffrey Marshall memorial Christmas Cracker, an annual concert held in memory of a much-loved brass teacher who taught at the school for ten years.

Beginning with three festive pieces from the orchestra, the varied programme ranged over classical, musical, pop and film theme numbers. Standout performances included Richard O’Ehley’s stentorian James Bond Theme on sax, Isaac Simmons’ assured Cockney vocal ‘Chim Chim Cheree’, Head Boy Ted Kellock’s sensitively sustained piano and vocal of Beyonce’s ‘Halo’, and, to wrap up the evening’s entertainment, Thommy Machin’s blistering performance on drums.


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Everybody loved that show, Bugsy Malone!

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Nothing could have bettered the knockout performances of Bugsy Malone delivered by Years 6-8. They nailed this slapstick gangster musical comedy with their exuberance, their comic timing and the sheer joyfulness of the beautifully choreographed song and dance routines.

The musical theatre classic follows the rivalry between two gangster gangs led by Fat Sam (Nathan Humphrey) and Dandy Dan (Thommy Machin). Whilst Dandy Dan’s Hoodlums are terrorising the district with their splurge guns, Fat Sam’s gang are still relying on custard pies. Seeing his empire crumble before his eyes, Fat Sam enlists the help of one-time boxer Bugsy Malone (Will Paley and Tom Ellerker) who has been sweet-talking would-be singer Blousey Brown (Matilda Armitage) whilst catching the eye of rival Blousey’s rival Tallulah (Tessa Rietveld). On the trail of both gangs is that incompetent comic duo, Captain Smolsky (Jessica Morley) and Lieutenant O’Dreary (Benjamin Young).

The lead characters were superb and they were supported by several beautifully executed cameo appearances including Serena Derby’s brash diva Lena Morelli, Isaac Simmons’s soulful wannabe dancer Fizzy, Fat Sam’s lugubrious sidekick Knuckles (Theo Patmore) and Harriet Langley’s screeching opera singer.

This was a show to truly showcase the depth of the musical and dramatic talent within the school with outstanding solos by Matilda Armitage, Isaac Simmons, Tessa Rietveld and Rollo Storey (Cagey Joe), masterpieces in comic timing and delivery from Nathan Humphrey, Theo Patmore, Jess Morley and Benjamin Young and the musical talent and composure of Ted Kellock who accompanied the whole show on drums. A special mention at this point to Woody Glazebrook for expertly crafting the splurge guns for the show!

Apart from the children, plaudits can also go to several members of staff but none more so than to Head of Performing Arts Ryan O’Ehley who must have surely sprung a few more grey hairs over the course of the term but who has once again - through stage direction, encouragement and patient example - brought the very best out of every single member of the cast on stage. A show to remember for many years to come.


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Christmas party time!

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Our Nursery to Year Five pupils greatly enjoyed their Christmas party celebrations with traditional party games and a delicious party tea prepared by the kitchen staff. After tea, there was great excitement at the sound of distant bells. A special visitor had called by and left a letter saying that the children were having such a good time that he couldn’t be heard, and that he had left gifts under the tree in their classrooms . . .


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