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Year 8 Art Trip

Blessed with beautiful weather, the Year 8 girls and boys enjoyed a lovely art trip to Scarborough on Friday last week.

The realtively short visit allowed time for lunch on the beach – which obviously necessitated a paddle in the sea – before brandishing pencils and erasers around the harbour. Pack-ups were hungrily devoured while a few annoying herring gulls paraded up and down the line of Terringtonians perched on the path beside the sand, hoping for some scraps. All they got was a couple of accidentally dropped crisps and the occasional stomping of feet from irritated children! The icy ankle grip of the sea didn’t tempt me to dispense with shoes and socks, though plenty of our cheerful party could not resist.

We marched to the harbour and found spots along a relatively empty quayside to sketch the boats below us. The tide was out so the vessels were for the most part sitting rather folornly on mucky looking sand. There was some excellent work being done by all of our pleasingly focused pupils – who, Mrs Grant informed me, were lauded by a passing couple as being, ‘So pleasant and well behaved.’ Looking to practise drawing outline and form in a busy setting, visually there was plenty to capture – a juxtaposition of various shapes against the geometry of harbour walls and wooden jetty structures.

The children’s impeccable conduct was duly rewarded by Hannah and her mum’s generosity in buying ice creams for all to celebrate Hannah’s birthday. And then it was time to depart. Thanks to Madame Grant for accompanying us and, unsurprisingly, for providing some basic teacher sustenance – coffee!

The sketching exercise will be the basis for an art project at school later this term.

Phil Magson

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Cyber Crime


This week Years 6,7 and 8 attended a presentation by PC Liam Carter from the Cyber Crime Unit at North Yorkshire Police. The talk covered everything from the perils of online gaming to how to recognise a scam email. Our pupils were shocked to learn that they could be arrested if they log into someone else's social media account without their permission. The knowledge and advice PC Carter passed on is important to pupils now, and for years to come, as their studies and interests inevitable mean more time online in years to come. Thank you to North Yorkshire Police for such an interesting talk- we now know how to stay safe online!

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Meet Mr Simpson


Mr Gareth Simpson is a friendly, open Scotsman, who can be seen walking around the corridors with a smile. He has started at Terrington as the new Year 5 form teacher, covering for Mrs H-S. And he says he feels so fortunate to be here: 'First impressions? The grounds are wonderful. There's such great sporting facilities. Terrington children are confident and free spirited. Everybody has been so welcoming- the children, parents and staff'.

Gareth joined Terrington from The Minster School in York. He was very sad to see his last school close: 'It was a beautiful environment to work in. The choristers were so dedicated. I was there for almost four years before the doors closed for the final time...but I'm very glad to be at Terrington now'.

Gareth lives in York with his partner Laura and whippet Gillespie. Originally from Scotland, Gareth read Geology at St. Andrews and went into a career working in the offshore geophysical industry- mapping the seabed for engineering works such as wind farm installations or oil rigs. He loved the work but didn't enjoy being away from home. His true calling was teaching and he moved to London to undertake a PGCE. It was his partner Laura, an academic, who instigated the move to Yorkshire. Laura accepted a job at York University as a lecturer (and is now Head of History), and Gareth started at The Minster after a short period of supply teaching.

Our new teacher's talents are diverse: he teaches Computer Coding to Year 6, Maths to Year 5 and he loves History. Gareth is particularly looking forward to Year 5's 'Africa' topic as part of their 'Discovery' learning. With Upper Prep he is teaching pottery as an activity and Gareth is looking forward to Lower Prep's 'Doodle Designs' club- which involves turning squiggles on the page into works of art through logical rules. And in his free time? Gareth loves to visit historic buildings. He writes history articles on Wikipedia and boasts an impressive knowledge of Scottish battlefields. ' Oh, and I'm a pescatarian. The chef here is great, I'm really enjoying school lunches'. He flashes a huge smile, and runs off to teach his next activity. Welcome Mr Simpson, we are so pleased you have joined our school.

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Summer holiday Reading Club

 Mr Mulryne ran a Reading Club over the holidays; it had to be online but it was fantastic. The children read Susan Hill's spooky horror novel story, ' The Woman in Black'. Mr Mulryne was amazed by one pupil's indepth analysis and interpretation of the text. When he asked the group why the author didn't let Spider the dog die in the story, he is saved by Arthur, was the author Susan Hill being kind? Did it reinforce what we already knew about the character of Arthur? Here's what Year 7 pupil Roma thought:

I read it differently. I saw Arthur risking his life to save Spider more out of desperation. I think he fears the unknown more than risking his life in an earthly way. In 'Spider' Arthur says that he is convinced that the power of the Woman in Black 'can't do more than make me feel afraid' but I don't think he truly believes this. I feel he needs Spider to continue at Eel Marsh House and sees her as his link with the outside world and his life beyond the marshes.


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A message from our new Chair of Governors, Katharine Lamont

I am delighted to accept the honour of the Chair of Governors at Terrington Hall, a school close to my heart, where my three young daughters are thriving and happy and where our family has always been made to feel so welcome.

I am grateful to be handed the baton by Rodger Hobson who, in his nine years on the board and six years as Chair, worked tirelessly to build up Terrington Hall. The new astropitch, the growing pupil population and the calibre of our wonderful staff are testament to his leadership in tandem with our outgoing headmaster, Stephen Mulryne.

Now, working alongside our new Head, Simon Kibler, I seek to generate momentum behind a number of positive strategic projects which will enable Terrington Hall School to continue to flourish and boost the school’s brand to a wider audience as well as within our community. As the only truly independent prep school in the area, I am very excited about the opportunities for Terrington Hall to stand proud of its enviable reputation of academic and extracurricular excellence, whilst nurturing its special family ethos. Terrington benefits from a superb team of multi-talented Governors who are generous both with their time and their skills, embodying the spirit of our lovely school. As their new Chair, I stand for positivity, diversity, strong leadership and insight-based decision-making; I now look forward to the new school year with optimism, safe in the knowledge that Terrington has a great team in place to adapt and to thrive in our new reality.

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