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Farewell to Year Eight

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At Speech Day on the last day of term we celebrated the achievements of our pupils, and particularly our Year Eight pupils to whom we said farewell after a happy and successful career at the school.
Winning nine scholarships across academia, sport, art and all-round achievement, they now prepare to move on to eight different schools.

This year, three scorpion ties – the highest accolade the school bestows – were awarded to three pupils: to Jennifer Foster for her outstanding art and selection for trials for U14 England rounders; to Alex Cordingley for equestrian sport; and to Kayla Paley for academic achievement.

Year Eight, we wish you well and look forward to welcoming you back to our doors. Meanwhile, work hard, be kind and strive always to be the best that you can be.

Destinations of Terrington Hall’s Year 8 Leavers 2019
Lucky Charters             The Mount School              (sports scholarship)
Alex Cordingley            Queen Margaret’s School    (sports scholarship)
Megan Deverell             St Peter’s School
Daisy Dewhirst             Uppingham School
Thomas Easterby          Scarborough College
Lara Evans                   Ampleforth College
Eleanor Jenkins            Sedbergh School                (all-rounder scholarship)
Jennifer Foster             Queen Margaret’s School     (art scholarship)
Seth Fotherby              Sedbergh School
Zoe Garrett                  Bootham School                  (academic scholarship)
Silas Gunn                   Bootham School                  (academic scholarship)
Isabel Howden-Ferme   St Peter’s School                  (music award)
Emily Langley              Scarborough College            (sports scholarship to Barnard Castle)
Charley King                St Peter’s School
Kayla Paley                 St Peter’s School                  (academic scholarship)
Torin Pope                   St Peter’s School
Crispin Tate                 Ampleforth College
Charlie Thompson        Repton School
Archie Wheeler            Scarborough College

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Pre-prep perform Hansel and Gretel

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Pre-prep delighted us all with their end of year performance of Hansel and Gretel.

Lead by Year 2 in the principal roles, the performance featured a percussion band formed by Year 1 who enthusiastically accompanied the musical numbers. Nursery and Reception sang along loudly and lustily to the chorus numbers and played the forest through which Hansel (Hamish Robertson) and Gretel (Willa Porritt) were led by their woodcutter father (Ethan Somboon) at the behest of their scheming stepmother (Selina Calvert). Jessica Cook was suitably malevolent as the witch who inhabited the gingerbread house, and was beautifully counterpointed by the kindhearted bird (Roisin O’Meara) who guided Hansel and Gretel to safety.


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Speech day eve concert

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There were superb performances from the school’s instrumentalists, vocalists, drama students, school band and senior choir in the grand finale of the Terrington’s musical calendar, the Speech Day Eve concert.

Showcasing their talents vocally and on piano, drums, cello, cornet, sax, flute, clarinet, oboe and cornet, our Year 2 to Year 8 performers ranged over classical, pop, musicals, film anthems, blues and jazz.

A special mention must go to Ellie Thomson and Hannah Tench for their two nuanced, funny and highly accomplished drama performances, ‘Déjà vu’ and ‘The Mistake’.

The evening concluded with two rousing numbers from the massed ranks of the senior choir, ‘A Million Dreams’ and ‘Firework’, and an impromptu celebration of Mr Witteveen’s and Will Paley’s birthdays complete with Pre-Prep birthday cake.


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Year 8's final curtain call

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The Year 8 play was very different this year. Rather than one long production, Mr O’Ehley and the pupils chose to perform a series of sketches which showcased their formidable talents.

Silas Gunn and Charlie Thompson reprised the famous Monty Python ‘Argument’ sketch brilliantly. Emily Langley tried to return a malfunctioning security robot (superbly played by Lucky Charters wrapped in tin foil) with hilarious results. Seth Fotherby and Torin Pope (who also appeared as half a fish in another sketch with his time-travelling ‘dog’ Crispin Tate) made a fight between arguing footballers look all too real!

Other highlights included Daisy Dewhirst and Charley King as two characters on opposite sides of a mirror, Thomas Easterby as a sneaky thief, using a ghost story to distract Archie Wheeler’s somewhat confused shopkeeper, and Zoe Garrett as the world’s worst waitress, reversing the roles on demanding customer Eleanor Jenkinson. Kayla Paley brilliantly portrayed an overlooked bridesmaid, jealous of the uncharacteristically conceited Megan Deverell. Isabel Howden-Ferme wowed the audience with her vocal acrobatics, performing a song about a mouse seeking peace and quiet – it was truly impressive! She also opened the show with Jennifer Foster, performing as hungry rats floating on an (unfortunately) edible boat. Alex Cordingley’s disaffected drama student was brilliantly juxtaposed by Lara Evans’ ebullient drama teacher and had the audience (and herself) rolling with laughter.

The whole evening was an absolute pleasure to witness and a fitting way for Year 8 to round off their drama career at Terrington Hall; there was even a surprise interlude featuring the Headmaster and Mr O’Ehley. A great night’s entertainment all round!

Paul Mulryne




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Mothers vs daughters rounders match

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The annual mothers vs Year 8 pupils' rounders match took place in glorious sunshine on the last Wednesday afternoon of term. As tradition dictates there was plenty of cheating, lots of fun and copious amounts of gin and wine!

We played 30 balls across 2 innings. Mrs Deverell shone for the parents scoring a magnificent seven rounders. The mothers may have picked up some points for less than traditional rounders, these being somewhat unconventionally awarded for most stylish players in the form of Mrs Paley and Mrs Fotherby; to Mrs Dewhirst for bravery as Daisy ran at her with speed; and, my personal favourite, to Mrs Foster and Mrs Evans for managing not to spill their drinks!

Lots of fun was had by all with the mothers holding onto their lead to win 20-19. The afternoon was a fantastic way to end the season and a great celebration of the girls’ and parents’ time at Terrington Hall.

Kelly Roberts

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