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Art at Terrington Hall

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All around the school, Head of Art Mr Magson has commandeered every available board and empty wallspace to display the works of art created by the pupils he teaches throughout the school.

Running through them all is evidence of the open invitation by Mr Magson to each child to interpret the task and the subject in their own individual way. It’s one of the reasons why the children love art so much, for the opportunity to run with an idea in whatever way they wish.

As a Year 5 parent recently commented: ‘At parents’ evening Mr Magson said that he would give our daughter advice but she rarely took it, “and that’s why she’s a good artist” Mr Magson said, meaning that she has her own vision and the confidence to see it through in her own way.'

To prove the point, if you wander down to the science labs there you will find a Year 8’s diverse display entitled ‘After Sean Scully’. The brief was to: ‘Take an original image to abstraction. Simplification to basic elements, with reference to texture and layering.’ Surely a GCSE level of thought and interpretation required here.

Down the Old Block corridor you will find still lifes by Year 7 in which they have experimented with pencil to create shade and light, form and definition with lead and pencil crayon.

Enter the Dining Room and there you will find a series of iconic portraits by Year 8.

Their brief was to take a well-known figure – whether scientist, pop icon, sporting star or politician – to modify, manipulate and re-create it in whatever fashion they thought most appropriate. The display is an impressive exposition of creativity and diversity in artistic expression, and has generated some lively discussion from the rest of the school at lunchtime!

Elsewhere in the dining room, you will find monoprints by Year 5, still lifes by Year 3 and silhouettes by Year 4.

Below, a selection of the artworks on display throughout the school . . . parents and visitors to the school, do come and see them for yourselves!

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