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Celebrating music and drama exam success

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On the first of the Spring Term, we were delighted to celebrate another terrific set of music and drama results from our young musicians and drama students whose 100% pass rate included 11 distinctions, 5 merits and 6 passes. Many congratulations to Head of Performing Arts Mr O'Ehley, to drama teacher Mrs O'Ehley and to our amazing team of peripatetic music staff.



Name (subject, grade, result)

Ellie Thomson (Drama, 4, Distinction)
Hannah Tench (Drama 4, Distinction)
Serena Derby (Drama, 4, Distinction)
Isaac Simmons (Singing, 3, Distinction)
Finn Davies (Drama, 2, Distinction)
Alf Brennan (Singing, 1, Distinction)
Emily Tench (Cello, 1, Distinction)
Imogen Yeung (Singing, 1, Distinction)
Richard O’Ehley (Alto Sax, 1, Distinction)
Richard O’Ehley (Piano, 1, Distinction)
Rosa Lamont (Alto Sax, 1, Distinction)
Matilda Armitage (Singing, 5, Merit)
Charles Cook (Piano, 3, Merit)
Annabelle Davidson (Singing, 1, Merit)
Emily Rycroft (Singing, 1, Merit)
Thea Camacho (Singing, 1, Merit)
Isla Davies (Drama, 4, Pass)
Lily Stott (Singing, 2, Pass)
Annabel Roberts (Singing, 1, Pass)
Constance Paley (Singing, 1, Pass)
Georgie Brown (Singing, 1, Pass)
Niamh Mulryne (Singing, 1, Pass)

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