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Classics day at Fettes College

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Twelve keen Latin pupils from Years 7 and 8, excited to find out exactly what a Classics Day at Fettes would hold in store, set out for Edinburgh on an early morning train with Mrs Cole and Madame Grant. After a scenic journey, we arrived at the jaw-dropping campus, where we were divided up into four groups - Achilles, Hector, Priam, Andromache - characters from the great epic poem, Homer’s Iliad.

Each group enjoyed sessions on rotation, all of which were expertly planned to build upon the students’ wider knowledge and understanding of Classics. No verb conjugations in sight!

A drama workshop on Greek tragedy was well received by all, as was the enthralling Greek mythology story-telling, where local magical storyteller Robert Allison told of Theseus and the Minotaur. Learning about life in the Roman army and trying out shield formations and fighting techniques allowed the students to put history into action. They also got the chance to contribute to a Roman-style mosaic of an octopus, based on a famous mosaic from Pompeii. There was even a treasure hunt and Roman-themed lunch. To finish off the day, Tom and Isaac represented the school in the nail-biting Latin vocabulary competition. Both boys did extremely well, with Tom progressing to the semi-final.

Overall, it was a fantastic day, and not only a chance to break away from the routine of normal Latin lessons but also to make friends from other prep schools. Thank you Fettes for welcoming us so warmly and for helping us to further foster a love of Latin and the Classical world in our students.

Mrs Cole

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