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Gymnastics and parkour in school

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There has been a terrific take-up this half term for a range of gymnastic activities led by Terrington’s enthusiastic Head of Girl Games Mrs Roberts.

On Tuesday afternoons, Mrs Roberts leads a Parkour enrichment activity for Year 6 and Year 7 boys, a gymnastic club for Year 3, 4 and 5 boys and girls, and an evening gymnastic activity.

‘I’m thrilled to have more than 50 children taking part in these clubs and activities,’ says Mrs Roberts, herself a talented gymnast who was the North of England vaulting champion until she was 30. (She also played hockey and netball at county and national level.)

‘Quite apart from being fun, gymnastics promotes agility, suppleness, physical conditioning, flexibility, core strength and mental strength. I have seen some amazing skills and impressive determination and attitude. Most important, the children really love it.’

In particular, parkour has been going down a storm with our Years six and seven boys who have been put developing their vaulting and tumbling skills under Mrs Roberts’s expert guidance.

‘The boys have really taken to this. It’s an activity which takes a lot of mental strength as well as physical strength. Several of the boys have shown me that they have both in abundance and they’re a joy to work with.’

Later in the afternoon, a sea of mats cover the sports hall floor as Years 3, 4 and 5 warm up for their gymnastics club with an exacting flexibility and core strength routine. Then it’s on to cartwheels, handstands and headstands and building up the skills to launch off the spring board, somersault and land.

‘I could teach this all day,’ says a beaming Mrs Roberts. ‘I just love it.’


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