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Inter-House debate on iPads and phones

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Earlier this week, we hosted an Inter-House Debating Competition as an evening boarding activity. We were honoured to have Old Terringtonians Niamh Machin and Lachlan Howden-Ferme as our guest judges. Niamh and Lachlan, who left us last summer, currently attend St Peter’s School where they are members of the Debating Society and regularly participate in heated discussions and public speaking. Their presence at our event showed the children what a serious team sport debating can be and how passionate the participants are.

Supported planning time, where each group worked alongside a staff member, was used by the teams to gather evidence to support their argument, form counter-arguments and write a concluding statement. The internet was used to gather facts to support points and the children were all encouraged to use gesticulation, tone of voice and eye contact throughout their speeches.

The topics of the debates were:

‘This house opposes the wearing of school uniform.’

‘This house proposes a ban on mobile phones being accessible at school.’

‘This house proposes that iPads replace exercise books in school.’

The event was thoroughly enjoyed by all of those who attended (both participants and spectators). It was wonderful to see children from both the Lower Prep and Upper Prep working together as teams to tackle some rather challenging topics.

Our congratulations go to Sapphire House who were crowned champions at the end of the evening.

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