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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

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There is no doubt that Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is a crowdpleaser, and in the hands of Mr O’Ehley and a lively cast of 64 Year 6-8 pupils, it was certainly a spectacular end-of-term Terrington Hall production.

The production artfully wove in three Josephs (Rollo Storey, Ted Kellock and Charlie Thompson) and three sets of brothers, gave us numerous beautifully choreographed setpieces and provided the opportunity for several pupils to deliver some unforgettable cameo appearances.

Thomas Easterby’s Potiphar was a masterclass in the delivery of the deadpan, imperious one-liner (well, several in his case), superbly supported by the cast's equally deadpan actions. His racy wife (Seth Fotherby) brought the roof down cavorting around the stage with a totally bemused Joseph (Charlie Thompson) and Nathan Humphrey’s hip-wobbling Elvis-intoning Pharaoh filled the hall with his booming voice and stage presence. No less impressive were Theo Patmore’s sentry-like butler with his back ram-rod straight, Jessica Morley’s jaunty East-End baker and the delightfully upbeat, carefree delivery of Lara Evans’s calypso singer when pleading with Joseph on behalf of Benjamin. 

Other solo performances to linger long in the memory include Torin Pope's Gallic wistfulness as he dwelled on better times in 'Those Canaan Days', Matilda Armitage's beautifully sung - and dramatically delivered - narration and, of course our three Josephs, in particular their soulful renditions of 'Any Dream Will Do'.

Some pictures from a night to remember . . . 


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