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Mr Mulryne

Stephen Mulryne began his Terringtonian career as Deputy Head, appointed in 2001 by Headmaster John Glenn. On John’s retirement, he was appointed as Headmaster and has led the school with a winning combination of integrity, humour and dignity.

Looking back over the huge catalogue of photographs that document Steve’s time at the school, it is clear that attending as many foreign trips as possible has been key to his enjoyment of the role! Year 7 and 8 trips to France, as well as numerous ski trips, have clearly been enjoyed by all and have been a brilliant way to cement the famous ‘Terrington Family’ feel. One of my favourite photographs of recent time was of Steve and his brother, Paul, barbecuing side by side on the 2019 year 7 and 8 trip to France. That photo sums up Steve’s contribution to Terrington: hands-on, happy and supportive.

Never one to shy away from the limelight, Steve’s commitment to dressing up has never wavered. Of particular note was his appearance in the staff versus pupils netball game in 2019, where he was thrilled to sport a skirt and long blonde wig (completely unnecessary, as we all know netball is a sport for both sexes). In 2018, he performed alongside Mr O’Ehley in a short sketch at the end of the year, and I don’t think anyone in the audience was left in any doubt that Steve could have pursued a career in the theatre, if he had chosen to do so (with the slight caveat here that maybe people who actually hail from Scotland found his accent slightly ‘off key’).

The nights which make the Terrington experience that little bit different (and, of course, better) – the camp out, the Halloween party, the Christmas Feast, Family Fund Day – have all been led by Steve (and, very often, Helen). He has been dunked whole in the name of family fun, scared the living daylights out of unsuspecting year 8s and staged endless ‘tentertainment’ performances which will be remembered by all long after he has left. Personally, I will never forget the time he persuaded me to come and join in ‘waterfight night’ to ‘help with crowd control’ only to discover my role was thoroughly engaged with the receiving of many, many water bombs.

Steve will be remembered as a Headmaster who often went the ‘extra mile’, sometimes literally. In fundraising for the astro-turf, he chose to spend days alone walking from Terrington St-Clement to Terrington Hall. It was an incredibly special moment when family and friends from Terrington met him in Malton, to walk the final leg of his journey. It was less special when we arrived at Terrington for a barbecue, and Steve removed his socks. It was like a scene from a horror film, which many of those who attended will still recall with a slight shudder. However, due to these gargantuan efforts of fundraising, the astro-turf was built and Terrington children (and all those who they play in fixtures) have benefitted immeasurably.

The changes Steve has made to the school are too numerous to mention. However, it is clear from the 2019 ISI Report, the best educational inspection the school has ever received, that Steve leaves the school in the best possible position. His hard work and determination to raise standards in all areas of school life (even the food!) has been unerring. I have been proud to work for him, and have learned so much.

Suzy Ward, Deputy Head.

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