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Pre-prep's science and environment week

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What a fantastic week the children in Pre-Prep have had, from exploring the environment around us to being wowed by fire and explosions!

To get science week off with a bang, the children visited Head of Science Mr Pickering for a taste of just how exciting Science can be. They blew up gas bubbles, watched real volcanoes and made elephants’ toothpaste.

Back in Pre-Prep, lots of activities were on offer including hunting for minibeasts, testing materials that floated and sank, and colour mixing using milk and skittles.

Tuesday was an exciting day all round with nursery heading to our forest school for a full day in the forest, where they created potions, dens and made homemade quesadillas for lunch on the fire pit. Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 visited Howsham Mill and took part in various workshops with Helen Spring. Firm favourites where learning about the Archimedes screw and creating water wheels, and, of course, toasting marshmallows on the fire.

Later in the week, the children visited Terrington fishing pond where Francis taught them the art of pond dipping. As well as enjoying the beautiful walk to the pond platform, the children used identification sheets to spot pond life new to them including mayflies, water stick insects and damsel flies. Back in school. Back at school, Mrs Salisbury developed a ‘welly garden’ with recycled wellingtons and nasturtiums, Mrs Langley taught the children about the phases of the moon using oreo cookies, Mrs Stubbs made lots of noise-making musical instruments using recycled materials and Mrs Wood taught the art of making butter which the children later tasted on their toast.

Friday was our final day of Science week and Robbie McKennan, Community Safety Officer from Filey Lifeboat station, spoke to the children about the importance of safety at sea. Later in the afternoon the children discussed water pollution, learnt about the parts of a plant and their uses and Mrs Boote made scrummy marshmallows.

A huge thank you also goes to Miss Ramli who has delivered Forest Schools sessions to every class this week and to Miss Turner and Miss Cross for their support.

I am thrilled with the children’s response and enthusiasm to this week. As well as learning lots and having a wonderful time, they have demonstrated true Terringtonian spirit in helping others, showing super manners and being independent in their choices.

Rachel Wood


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