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Year 3 learn survival skills at Howsham Mill


Under blue Spring skies, Year 3 excitedly set out for a morning of outside learning at Howsham Mill. Having been studying Explorers and Adventurers, the children were to spend the time understanding survival skills in the form of den making, team work as well as creating bows and arrows - important tools if they were to gather food in the wild.

The children were exceptional throughout the morning in both their enthusiasm and level of engagement. They asked a huge range of questions of Helen, the educational officer, which linked to both our topic and to the history of this 18th-century watermill.

Den building was a true insight. The children began to realise the importance of working as a team, with some even bravely stepping into the role of leader, much like ‘The Boss: Ernest Shackleton’ as they braved the winds. During the session on making bows and arrows it was clear that patience would be the most telling factor, with some showing greater perseverance skills than others.

Overall, it was a fantastic morning of outdoor learning and we look forward very much to visiting again.

{gallery}Year 3 visit Howsham Mill March 2019{/gallery}

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