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Year 3 tackle Boggis, Bunce and Bean!

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In their English lessons, Year 3 have been having fun working on a timeless classic by Roald Dahl. 

Having been read Fantastic Mr Fox (which they loved, as all children do), Year 3 were set the brief of writing an alternative ending to the tale of how artful Mr Fox outwits farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean.

Part of the challenge of creative writing in Year 3 is to encourage the children to resist the urge to plunge straight in.

Year 3 class teacher Miss Knights comments:

‘We want the children to learn the value of planning and of thinking carefully about what they’re going to say. This means taking a step back and reflecting on not only the plot and the characters but also on how they can use language to enrich their writing.

‘The emphasis is on enabling the children to think creatively about how they can use adjectives, exciting verbs and literary devices such as alliteration to sustain interest, spice up their writing and bring it to life. We therefore spent several sessions building up to the point of writing our endings.’

First came the class discussion in which the children considered setting and mood and how they might convey this. They thought about the characters involved, how they might speak and what they would say.

On whiteboards and in their exercise books, they sketched out exciting openers and thought about how they might build up tension and excitement by the use of short sentences. With a handy guide beside them giving them 100 colourful words to use in the place of ‘said’, they had a plethora of alternative verbs to choose from.

Writing up their final pieces for display, whether by hand or on the computer, they then produced their fantastic pieces of work.

Year 3, Fantastic Mr Fox would have been proud of you!

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