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Year 5 discover 'Life in the Trenches'

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Year 5 were treated to a fascinating presentation on ‘Life in the Trenches’ by Dave Thirlwall from Murton Park in York.

Pupils were enthralled by the thorough explanations and vivid descriptions of all aspects of trench daily life, from the food the soldiers ate to the weapons they used, to the cat-sized rats they encountered. Armed with some facts about trench warfare from previous Discovery lessons, the talk provided the children with an even deeper understanding and helped bring the subject to life.

A particular highlight was dressing up and handling the genuine artefacts including a periscope, a grenade and a bayonet!

With the First World War centenary only days away, it is an appropriate and poignant time to explore this topic and reflect on the hardships the men endured and the sacrifices they made. Even beyond this term, what the children have learnt about 'Life in the Trenches' will undoubtedly be remembered for a long time to come.

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