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Year 5 experiences life in the trenches

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Following up on their topic work on life in the trenches, Year 5 visited The Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds. On arrival, they were greeted by a World War One nurse who led them through a workshop on health and medicine in the trenches. They learned about the various illnesses and injuries the men suffered and what cures were available – they even made an attempt at front line First Aid!

Following this, the children formed the Terrington Pals Battalion and were put through their paces by a very strict corporal who taught them how to salute, hold their weapons and march.

After looking around the museum’s World War One exhibition, Year 5 was treated to a live firing display of authentic rifles across the canal. This was much louder than they expected and gave them a real insight into how noisy and frightening battle must have been.

It was wonderful to see how enthusiastic the children were throughout the whole experience and how keen they were to build on the knowledge already gained from their topic work this term.



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