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Year 3 experience being time travellers for a day

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#Year 3 had a thrilling day at Temple Newsam, a Tudor-Jacobean house in Leeds, where they took part in a Time Travellers workshop.

Starting with a brief history of the house, the children dressed up as a knight, King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, Sir Arthur Ingram and several other key figures who either owned or played a leading role in the history of the house.

On a tour of the house, the children’s powers of observation were put to the test as they sought out clues as to how it had changed over time. This included trying to identify where windows and fire places would have been and studying the wall paper, decorations and furniture in the rooms to establish which period of history the room reflected.

Of particular interest was a letter written by one Lord Darcy pleading his innocence having been accused of murder. Then there was the inventory created for Queen Elizabeth I to help her work out whether or not to buy the house. The children enjoyed using their detective skills to work out what some of the items on the list were as the spellings were quite different from those we use today. Finally, they had the opportunity to handle some Tudor artefacts and were given the task of working out what they would have been used for.

Overall, the day was a wonderful experience. The children thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as key figures from the past, exploring objects from Tudor times and learning more about Temple Newsam and its history.

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