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Year 7 Chemistry practicals

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All was quiet concentration in Year 7 Chemistry this week when the pupils had a science practical on distillation.

Building on the Chemistry taught in Year 6 which covered Elements, Compounds and Mixtures, the Year 7 Chemistry syllabus looks at various ways of separating substances. So far we have covered sieving, filtering and chromatography.

Distillation is a method of separating a solvent from a solution and recovering the solvent, or separating two or more solvents with different boiling points and recovering all the solvents.

In this week’s experiment, Year 7 produced distilled water from peach juice and orange juice, then separated alcohol from water. This is identical to the process in a distillery (hence the name) except on a smaller scale.

In the weeks to come, the pupils will investigate the solubility of salts at different temperatures and will learn how to plot and interpret information on solubility tables. This is where maths starts creeping into the Science syllabus.


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