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Year 8 Art Trip

Blessed with beautiful weather, the Year 8 girls and boys enjoyed a lovely art trip to Scarborough on Friday last week.

The realtively short visit allowed time for lunch on the beach – which obviously necessitated a paddle in the sea – before brandishing pencils and erasers around the harbour. Pack-ups were hungrily devoured while a few annoying herring gulls paraded up and down the line of Terringtonians perched on the path beside the sand, hoping for some scraps. All they got was a couple of accidentally dropped crisps and the occasional stomping of feet from irritated children! The icy ankle grip of the sea didn’t tempt me to dispense with shoes and socks, though plenty of our cheerful party could not resist.

We marched to the harbour and found spots along a relatively empty quayside to sketch the boats below us. The tide was out so the vessels were for the most part sitting rather folornly on mucky looking sand. There was some excellent work being done by all of our pleasingly focused pupils – who, Mrs Grant informed me, were lauded by a passing couple as being, ‘So pleasant and well behaved.’ Looking to practise drawing outline and form in a busy setting, visually there was plenty to capture – a juxtaposition of various shapes against the geometry of harbour walls and wooden jetty structures.

The children’s impeccable conduct was duly rewarded by Hannah and her mum’s generosity in buying ice creams for all to celebrate Hannah’s birthday. And then it was time to depart. Thanks to Madame Grant for accompanying us and, unsurprisingly, for providing some basic teacher sustenance – coffee!

The sketching exercise will be the basis for an art project at school later this term.

Phil Magson

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