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Year 8's final curtain call

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The Year 8 play was very different this year. Rather than one long production, Mr O’Ehley and the pupils chose to perform a series of sketches which showcased their formidable talents.

Silas Gunn and Charlie Thompson reprised the famous Monty Python ‘Argument’ sketch brilliantly. Emily Langley tried to return a malfunctioning security robot (superbly played by Lucky Charters wrapped in tin foil) with hilarious results. Seth Fotherby and Torin Pope (who also appeared as half a fish in another sketch with his time-travelling ‘dog’ Crispin Tate) made a fight between arguing footballers look all too real!

Other highlights included Daisy Dewhirst and Charley King as two characters on opposite sides of a mirror, Thomas Easterby as a sneaky thief, using a ghost story to distract Archie Wheeler’s somewhat confused shopkeeper, and Zoe Garrett as the world’s worst waitress, reversing the roles on demanding customer Eleanor Jenkinson. Kayla Paley brilliantly portrayed an overlooked bridesmaid, jealous of the uncharacteristically conceited Megan Deverell. Isabel Howden-Ferme wowed the audience with her vocal acrobatics, performing a song about a mouse seeking peace and quiet – it was truly impressive! She also opened the show with Jennifer Foster, performing as hungry rats floating on an (unfortunately) edible boat. Alex Cordingley’s disaffected drama student was brilliantly juxtaposed by Lara Evans’ ebullient drama teacher and had the audience (and herself) rolling with laughter.

The whole evening was an absolute pleasure to witness and a fitting way for Year 8 to round off their drama career at Terrington Hall; there was even a surprise interlude featuring the Headmaster and Mr O’Ehley. A great night’s entertainment all round!

Paul Mulryne




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