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Academic Challenge Programme

All students are entitled to a curriculum and environment which meets their needs and enables them to flourish both academically and in terms of developing their character. Quality, differentiated, small class teaching across school facilitates this much of the time. Students with particular learning needs are catered for through our Learning Support programme. Stretching and challenging all pupils, including those who are particularly gifted and/or talented is the purpose of Terrington Hall’s ‘ad astra’ programme.

What is 'ad astra'?

ad astra’, meaning ‘to the stars’ is Terrington Hall’s programme to promote and celebrate endeavour and achievement in academics. It is designed to stretch and challenge all pupils in a wide range of academic areas and to broaden the range of activities and subjects on offer to them. 

It draws together academic enrichments, competitions (both in school and external) and whole-school and House events.  

The ‘ad astra’ prefect is responsible for spotlighting endeavour an achievement in ‘ad astra’ each Awards assembly. At the end of each term, pupils are also awarded bronze, silver and gold star pin badges for their blazers for exceptional effort and achievement.

‘ad astra’ enrichments

On termly rotation in vertical House groups, pupils will enjoy a wide range of academic enrichments, such as philosophy, debating, STEM challenges, Japanese, chess, and many more.  This gives opportunity for collaboration in House groups. It allows younger pupils to learn from those in higher year groups, and provides scope for older pupils to help and mentor younger peers.

‘ad astra’ competitions

We encourage and support pupils to enter in-school and external competitions. This helps them to stretch themselves academically, broaden their horizons and prepare for secondary schools. Competitions include:

 * House Latin vocabulary challenge
 * House debating competition
 * House essay writing/ poetry writing 

 * Shrewsbury Science quiz
 * Ampleforth history essay competition
 * Junior mathematics challenge 

These competitions are promoted in lessons and assembly times, and on the ‘ad astra’ House board in the School Hub. As above, many of these link in with the Terrington Hall House system. 

Other 'whole school' events

Other events such as Mathematics Day and World Book Day also form part of the ‘ad astra’ programme.

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