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Learning support

It is sometimes appropriate for children to receive additional support to achieve their full potential, and our resources are centred around the Learning Support Hub.

The Hub is a bright, warm and welcoming classroom resourced with access to online intervention programmes, classroom support, and small group work.

The Hub is staffed by a full-time special educational needs coordinator (SENCO), and part-time assistants. They work across the academic departments to provide and plan support for all children. Individual Lessons are by arrangement and in agreement with parents, SENCO and form teacher.

Working together to help each child

Our priority is to ensure that all children at Terrington Hall achieve their full potential with positivity, confidence and self-esteem.

We ask that prospective parents share any existing concerns and information relating to previous learning support, assessment or involvement from other agencies/professionals (eg Speech & Language Therapy; Educational Psychology).

Equal opportunities for every child

We believe in inclusion and seek to provide a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum that provides equal opportunities for all.

Treating every child as an individual is important to us and we welcome all children with learning support needs as long as our staff team can provide them with the support they require. We do not have the facilities to offer highly specialised and intensive intervention.

We have been very impressed by the amount of resource the school has invested our son and have felt very ‘heard’ by the staff we have spoken to.