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Pupil voice

Children will be heard

At Terrington Hall we believe it’s important to listen to our pupils. We create supportive and welcoming spaces where every child feels they can voice their opinions and be heard.

Building community and collaboration

On a day-to-day basis, children know they can speak to any member of staff and the adult will take notice. Children can also take on positions of responsibility as a spokesperson for their peers in various committees and forums.

This builds a true sense of community as pupils are championed to take their skills and involve themselves in pertinent discussions around the direction of the school. It also nurtures the important life skills of collaboration, leadership and negotiation.

The School Council

The School Council is a forum which allows pupils to put forward ideas to improve the day-to-day running of the School for the benefit of the whole community. Each year group is represented by two elected representatives and the Council is chaired by a senior member of teaching staff.

As a result of the valuable contributions to school life made by the Council, it has become a respected and, at times, formidable group responsible for some remarkable and innovative changes which have enhanced school life for all.

Leading and guiding

Our Prefects and Captains provide another valuable channel for pupil voice. Appointed during their final year, these pupils have usually shown their mettle across many years of hard work, whether that be in the academic arena, on the sports fields or within the pastoral life of the School. They also undertake safeguarding training to act as Peer Mentors to younger pupils.

Year 7 pupils are trained as Buddies for children in the Pre-Prep, an initiative which has proved popular and rewarding for both older and young children.

Pupil Voice committees include: School Council, Anti-Bullying Committee, Social Action Committee, Food Committee, Pastoral Welfare Forums, Equality and Diversity.

We have a very excited boy who has returned home tonight. He’s delighted with his appointment and I’m sure he will do his best to do everyone proud next year!