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Nurturing a happy, healthy community

The wellbeing and happiness of every child lies at the heart of life at Terrington Hall. Our values of Kindness, Confidence, Growth and Courage underpin all we do.

We show how kindness and empathy are paramount. We build confidence in our unique abilities and show how opening our minds to new experiences helps us to grow. And we show how courage helps us to do the right thing – as well as to take calculated risks without fear of failure.

Living our values helps every child to feel secure, confident and valued as part of our happy, healthy school community.

Building resilience

We take a proactive approach towards promoting resilience, talking openly about wellbeing and providing guidance and support to help children bounce back from difficulties. Our ambition is to build resilience in every child, equipping them to take challenges in their stride.

Giving your child every support

We work to ensure that both our children and our staff have all the skills they need to support their mental health and emotional wellbeing. This includes knowing when to ask for help and who to turn to.

Our curriculum teaching and learning, along with co-curricular activities, aim to empower every child with the knowledge that they have a voice and that they are listened to. We nurture an ethos and environment that promotes respect and values diversity. It’s an inclusive and caring approach that’s based on fairness, respect and consideration for others.

All members of staff benefit from regular training and support, helping them to identify need, know when to intervene appropriately, and to monitor impact.

The Terrington Hall buddy system

Our popular buddy system works across the school to promote friendships and support learning, behavioural and social needs. It also helps build a greater sense of belonging and a more inclusive school community.

The evidence shows buddy systems have a positive impact on the emotional health and wellbeing of children and young people by:

  • Enhancing social competence
  • Helping them to feel more secure both in school and the wider community by realising their worth as social beings
  • Improving attendance and educational attainment while developing friendship skills in a positive environment

Terrington has no boundaries when it comes to year groups… this is a really special and unique part of Terrington life.

A whole school approach to wellbeing

Every member of staff is here to support every child. We sit and eat with our children as a family, and get to know every child’s unique needs. Our small class sizes make it easier for everyone to spend quality time together. Parents are also always welcome to share family news, any problems or stories of success.

Your child’s class teacher or form tutor is the main person responsible for their pastoral and academic wellbeing. There is also a Head of Pastoral Care, our school’s ‘Independent Listener’, as well as the Head of Boarding. Children know they can approach any member of staff and they will be listened to.

I love all the support the school provides and all the help it gives. They help whenever you are sad or happy or if you need help with some work.