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Bikeability training boosts children’s Courage, Confidence – and Kindness!

Our school values were on clear display when Year 5 had a bikeability training day around the village.

Children’s confidence came on leaps and bounds when they tested their courage by – for some – riding out on the open roads for the first time.

First, under the guidance of ProRide Coaching instructor Phil, they all learned how to perform the necessary safety checks on their bikes, such as tyre pressure, brakes, handlebars – plus a well-fitting helmet and the right clothing.

Then they drove around the playground, navigating obstacles and ramps and developing skills such as signalling. The next test was cycling out onto the school fields, where cycling novice Monty was thrilled to take off on his own.

The afternoon was the real fun part, when children went out onto the roads to put their skills to the test.

Year 5 teacher Mrs Doobori Hazorika-Stéphany said: “We were very impressed by how much the children’s skills developed in such a relatively short space of time. Their confidence came on in leaps and bounds, too, with several children taking to the roads for the first time.

“But what was most impressive was the school value of Kindness, which was on display to a huge extent, as children encouraged and praised each other’s progress. I am very proud of Year 5 today.”