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Boarders’ charity endurance challenge

Our boarding pupils raised more than £1,700 in a month by taking on an endurance challenge in aid of Cancer Research UK.

Eleven children, aged between 7 and 13, each ran 42.2km (26.2 miles) and swam 3,800m (2.4 miles) during May. They completed most of the IronMay challenge after school but also encouraged each other towards their targets over half term.

Head of Boarding Lyn Fenby said: “The impact of taking part in this challenge has been incredible – from the support the children have received from their families over half term, to the feedback from parents about how participating has calmed their child’s busy brain and improved their sense of wellbeing.

“At the start of the month there were several children who were happy with one discipline, generally swimming, but didn’t like running. But after a couple of sessions there was a noticeable change in their mindset and our runs went up from 5k to 8k and 10k. One girl said she only kept going at the start of each run because of how good she knew it made her feel when she finished.”

Cancer Research UK’s IronMay campaign challenged supporters to raise money by completing a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and 26.2 mile run in the month of May. Terrington Hall pupils took on the swimming and running sections, sponsored by friends and family.

Mrs Fenby added: “We took part because we wanted to raise money for Cancer Research UK but I also wanted to show the children, particularly the older girls, that running can be social and fun and sport doesn’t have to be about winning and losing matches. After each session we would make time to chat and unwind in the boarders’ common room with a treat, so the children could experience the social benefits and camaraderie of sport and pushing themselves beyond their comfort zone.

“The boarders have been fantastic at supporting each other during the distance swims and the runs. They’ve jogged back and forth to chat and encourage each other, and created and shared playlists of their favourite songs to motivate those that still had to complete distances over the holidays. They never left anyone behind, and showed leadership, friendship and kindness across the year groups. It has been a fantastic month and challenge.”

"An amazing achievement"

Headmaster Simon Kibler said: “We are very proud of the efforts of our children, some of whom pushed themselves far beyond their comfort zones to make this magnificent effort for such a good cause.  I’m particularly impressed by the way the children supported and encouraged each other throughout. Thanks also to Mrs Fenby for coordinating the children’s runs and swims. It was an amazing achievement.”

You can still donate...

If you would like to donate to the boarder’s Cancer Research UK fundraising page, please do so here: https://fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/page/terringtonhallboarders

You have all created something very special, and we really met some wonderful people today. We know that Terrington Hall is the right place for our daughter and for our family.

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