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Speech Day recognises excellence and celebrates our values

Speech Day rounded off the Terrington Hall year with a heartfelt celebration of all our pupils have achieved in the past 12 months – along with a renewed appreciation of our very special community and its values.

Prizes were awarded to pupils who excelled in every area of school life, recognising excellence inside and outside the classroom, in terms of individual progress and children’s leadership and teamwork.

The day was particularly significant as it was the first time the whole school community had gathered since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic.

Building confidence in little steps, every day

Headmaster Simon Kibler told parents he was proud of the “outstanding” achievements of Terrington Hall pupils this year, adding: “Motivation is more important than ability. Striving continuously to improve and trying your best are the essential ingredients, and your children show this daily.”

He also spoke about one of Terrington Hall’s key values – confidence – which we seek to develop in every child. Every little step pupils take – from standing up in assembly or in a play, to performing an instrument or as part of a team – are all essential building blocks which make that confidence stronger.

Guest speaker Courtney Winfield-Hill

We were also delighted to welcome guest speaker Courtney Winfield-Hill, an Australian-born sportswoman who distinguished herself as a professional cricketer in Queensland before moving to the UK and switching to Rugby League.

Ms Winfield-Hill now plays for the Leeds Rhinos and recently made her debut for the England Women’s Rugby League team.  As a coach for the Northern Diamonds cricket team, she is also inspiring the next generation of aspiring England women’s cricket stars, including some Terrington Hall pupils.

"It starts with courage"

Ms Winfield-Hill said Terrington Hall’s aim of expanding the horizons of every child connected perfectly with her own philosophy of always seeking ways to develop character, an outlook which has served her well. While she always works hard and gives her absolute all, she said another Terrington Hall value – courage – is equally important.

“I believe it starts with having the courage to say ‘why not?’ along with the encouragement and support of others regardless of the outcome,” she said.

Expanding horizons

Ms Winfield-Hill added: “There are no limits to our horizons. Landscapes sometimes change, but if we are willing to have the courage to keep saying ‘why not?’ and ‘yes’ to new adventures, we will always challenge our so-called limits.”

“I am honoured to lead our community and to play my role in ensuring that we continue to develop and enhance this progressive school.”