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Oundle Scholarship for Inge

Congratulations to Year 8 pupil Inge, who has been awarded a scholarship to Oundle School in Northamptonshire.

The Oundle Scholarship rewards pupils who show distinctive ability or special talent in two or more of the scholarship disciplines. Inge speaks several languages and plays the piano and drums to an advanced level. She is also a competitive skier and keen footballer.

As part of her Oundle assessment, Inge was able to demonstrate her public speaking skills. She is our Terrington Pupil Voice prefect and takes very seriously her responsibility to represent children across the school, to ensure their comments and suggestions are heard.

Headmaster Simon Kibler said: “Inge is a true Terringtonian in that she contributes wholeheartedly to all aspects of school life. I am delighted that she has been awarded the Oundle Scholarship and am confident that she will continue to thrive there.”

Oundle scholarships are highly prized, recognising not just honed skills and talents but also endeavour and potential. Scholars are expected to provide intellectual and cultural leadership to their peers. In return, they are offered dedicated programmes of opportunity and support to help them make the most of their talents.

Terrington encourages everyone to find their strengths. Not just in the classroom , but also on the sports pitches, on stage, and in music.