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Fantastic celebration of STEM activities

One pupil’s suggestion to hold a science fair to celebrate the STEM areas that she and her friends are interested in ballooned into a huge event which filled the school Sports Hall.

Children from Years 3 to 8 signed up for stalls to showcase their favourite experiments, collections, hobbies and fun activities.

They enjoyed sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm about experiments including egg drops, lemons which conduct electricity, static balloons, chemical reactions, LEGO Technic, a model railway, lots of gems and fossils, and colour-changing slime.

Mrs Cole, who coordinated the event as part of our ad astra stretch and challenge programme, said: “This was a fantastic suggestion from a Year 4 pupil, Florence, who wanted to celebrate and share knowledge and enthusiasm for all things STEM and science.

“I was amazed and delighted by the way pupils across the school embraced the idea and came up with their own suggestions for displays. They had a whole lot of fun sharing their interests and hobbies – and I hope this further sparks everyone’s interest in all things science.”


The school puts huge effort into drawing out students’ talents, academic or otherwise, and giving them everything they need to flourish within their niche.