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Year 6 brave the Houses of Parliament on Budget Day

An intrepid bunch of Year 6 pupils, led by Mr Simpson and Mr Mulryne, set out for London to visit the Houses of Parliament on Budget Day. Mr Mulryne wrote the following report:

All seemed well, until we realised that the tube and most other forms of public transport would be out of action due to strikes! Not to be deterred, Mr Simpson declared we could easily walk from King’s Cross to Parliament. Luckily, he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the streets of London and so, like a latter day Pied Piper, he trailed a winding string of pupils through the streets.

Arriving early at the UK Parliament Education Centre, we ate in the nearby Gardens and then set up a game of tig on the grass, much to the consternation of a film crew who were clearly there to interview someone about that morning’s Budget announcement.

Although we had missed the Budget, Parliament was still in full swing and incredibly busy. We were privileged enough to sit in the gallery for both the Houses of Commons and Lords. Year 6 were in agreement that, given the choice, they would rather be in the House of Lords, which was much grander (and dare I say it, calmer). We learnt lots of history about the building and how the political system in this country works.

After our tour, we took part in a workshop where the pupils debated a topic of their choosing. They chose to debate whether or not the government should put extra funding into community sports facilities to help combat obesity. They even learnt how to copy those odd noises politicians make when they are agreeing or disagreeing with one another. Kevin Hollinrake, our local MP and uncle of Year 8 pupil Edward, put in an appearance and led a superb question and answer session about the life of a politician and what it is like to sit in parliament.

Year 6 even managed to appear on the BBC’s budget analysis as they crossed behind the reporter at the Houses of Parliament.

Now slightly footsore, we made the reverse journey back across London via the Banksy tunnel, where Year 6 were amazed by the graffiti art on display. It was an excellent trip and Year 6 were an absolute pleasure to lead.


It’s a vibrant, friendly school which really cares for the children and pushes them to do their best.

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