The Nursery Co-curriculum

Learning and growing with confidence, courage and kindness

Our aim is to help every child to appreciate the world around them. To help them to think critically about the things they interact with, and to let their natural curiosity run free. Not just to be entertained, but to be fully and happily engaged with the learning environment.

Let them be little

It’s why our children are allowed to play with real-life objects that inspire them and help them to see magic in the world around them. And why we always encourage them to think and to ask questions like ‘why?’ and ‘what if?’ It’s all a part of equipping every child with the skills that will help them be happy, healthy and engaged.

Play is everything in these earliest years. It is what all future learning is built on. It helps children to embed ideas, to think, to solve problems and answer questions. Play develops skills of self-regulation, empathy and respect. It helps them to form friendships and resolve conflicts.

Play lets children delight in the rewards of active learning, of being curious to find things out and discovering how to overcome challenges. And it develops a child who is physically ready for school, with core strength, coordination and well-developed gross motor skills and pivotal joints.

Expanding Horizons at our private school in York

A Terrington Hall Nursery child is happy, excited, eager to find out more – and confident in their own abilities. Come and see for yourself what makes us so special… book a visit today! Terrington Hall Nursery Pupils

Our daughter comes home full of all the wonderful activities and games you have been playing.