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With a bit of a chill in the air, the intrepid squad of Under 8s assembled for another tag rugby match, this time on home soil. We faced Pocklington, who from the start looked like a well organised bunch. With my pleas for a reasonably straight line with as few gaps as possible being my last words, the team nonchalently took the field, casually tossing my advice aside and eagerly set about getting as close to the ball as possible.
It was a ding-dong battle for much of the game, with no more than one or two tries separating the sides at any given time – a little like basketball, only far more entertaining! Another of my mantras – heeded with equal disdain – was to run forward, looking for gaps and darting through. Quite often the joy of taking the ball on a meandering run across the width of the pitch, frequently, and worryingly visiting the environs of our own try line, appeared to be a temptation too hard to resist.
At the final whistle we had been defeated by 10 tries to 12. Our opponents were just a little better at making their passing count. Another hearty cheer goes up for the tenacious twosome of Olivia and Sam for providing us with the majority of our scores (4 and 3 respectively) and for the sturdy supporting roles played by the other boys, notably Henry, who touched down twice. Those keen eyed mathematicians among you will be counting your fingers again to confrim that I have only accounted for 9 tries when our total was 10. It has just come to my own attention too. Scanning my scribbled tally, I have apparently neglected to record the name of our ninth try scorer. Oops! Sorry. No doubt I will be informed by a suitably disgruntled child at some point. Thanks to all who came along to encourage the team and to enjoy the sport.
Squad: Olivia Breese, Sam Scarff, Henry Dexter-Smith, Ted Hall, Rhys Sellers, Christopher Rangeley, Freddie Christian and Oliver Tate.
P Magson

The under 9s produced by far their best performance of the season against a strong, well-organised Pocklington team. The final score is insignificant as Terrington kept battling right until the final whistle. Henry opened the scoring with his first - deserved - try for the team. This game though was more about tenacity, especially in defence. Pocklington kept the ball alive beautifully, making one or two passes where Terrington would maybe only produce one. This was the difference between the two teams and ultimately resulted in the win for Pocklington. A lesson to be learned!
Joe scored as did Archie and Theo. Rollo was the man-of-the-match chipping in with two good tries, but more importantly tackling extremely well.
For the neutral seeing two teams of under 9s playing with such passion and high skills must have been a pleasure. When Terrington return after half term they need to work on continuity and think about more teamwork in attack - they are still holding the ball too long before thinking about a pass.
That said, a repeated handling drill during the week was so much better than at the beginning of term that it was hardly recognisable that it was the same team. This reflects well on a group of boys who have worked so very hard to improve. Rest and recouperation the order for half term!

P Woolley