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On Tuesday 15th November the U8 and U9 girls excitedly travelled to Ashville College to play in their annual festival, which for some would be their first real taste of hockey! The squad of 18 girls had been split into two team; the Red Team headed by Miss Knights and the Blue Team headed by Miss Hodgson with the format of the afternoon working in two groups of 5 in a round robin format before having a final, top of each group, and a third and fourth play off, runners up in each group.


Red Team

In our group we would be playing Cundall, Yarm 1, Yarm 3 and Ashville 2 with first up being our local friendly rivals...Cundall! This match was all about learning how to play a 10 minute one way game and there was understandably lots of defending and attempts at both ends with Serena and Lucy putting in two superb performances for the team. The match finished 0 - 0!

Next up...Ashville 2. Having already played the girls had some what found their feet on the hockey pitch and the were getting used to their positions and the speed of the game on the Astro. We were fortunate to score a very quick first goal thanks to a combined effort with Elspeth in the center feeding the ball through to Lucy who found the goal. However, our lead was cut short rather quickly as through slight excitment of scoring we forgot how we all needed to defend and Ashville scored one in return. The girls did not give up and all work tirelessly to get the ball back in our possession with Imogen and Daisy both working hard in the midfield before Daisy found her way through Ashville's defense and scored our second and the games winner. Final score Terrington Hall 2 - Ashville 1.

With a short rest period the girls managed to refuel and have a small team talk, we would be playing Yarm 3 and 1 back to back and both team were unknow to all of us so our defensive and attacking play were vital. First up were Yarm 3 and the girls played their best match of the day, scoring 4 goals, 2 from Tilly and 1 from Isla and Elspeth. The whistle went and the game ended: Terrington Hall 4 - Yarm (3) 0.

Our final group game was Yarm 2 and we knew that if we wanted to be in the final we had to keep calm and play the best hockey possible. Once again the girls worked well together with Daisy, Serena and Elspeth working superbly to keep the ball from coming too far in our defending end, whilst Aurehlia, Imogen, Jana and Tilly helped to push the ball up high to our waiting goal hanger, Lucy, who scored 2 fantastic goals. The match finished Terrington Hall 2 - Yarm (1) 0.

Now all we had to do was wait to see how the other pool finished to find out if we had done enough to make the final.

Blue Team

 In our group we would be playing Richmond House, Yarm 2, Ashville 1 and Bow. First we played Richmond House, this was a good first game for the girls with us having the majority of the possession with Olivia, scoring 3 followed by a goal from Rosie and then Edie. The match finished  Terrington Hall 5 Richmond House 0.

Up next was Bow, most of this game centered around the middle of the pitch with Roma and Flora both getting stuck into the game. However, with determination the ball found its way through and the girls managed to score 2 good goals. The whilst went: Terrington Hall 2 Bow 0.

Our third game was the closest against a very determined host team. The girls were a little taken aback by the strength and power of the Ashville's tackles and hits but kept on fighting to the very end. The match finished Terrington Hall 2 Ashville 3.

Our final group match was against Yarm 2 and having just watched the Red Team's last match the girls knew they had it in them to win. This was an alround good performance from the girls with Sophia, Lauren and Hannah working hard to keep in our possession whilst Edie and Rosie helped to dribble the ball towards our shooting end. The whilst went and the match finished Terrington Hall 2 Yarm 0.


The pool games were over...and the Red Team were in the FINAL against Ashville 1 with the Blue Team making into the 3rd, 4th play off against Cundall, these games were going to be 7 minutes one way! Unfortunately, for both team we had run out of steam but despite their best efforts it just wasn't to be. The Red Team lost to Ashville 2 - 1 (goal scored by Lucy) and the Blue Team lost to Cundall 2 - 0, which meant we had finished 2nd and 4th out of 10.

All the girls played excpetionally well and I am very proud of how they all performed and behaved throughout the day. There is as ever a nominated played of the tournament in each team. The Red Team's player was Serena Derby for her excellent defensive play and the Blue Teams being Flora Willoughby for her wonderful game play all over the pitch.

Miss C Knights