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The sun shone, the birds sang a little and I bared my legs (sorry about that) but by heck it was a bit parky. Just the sort of day for a game of rugby I suppose. 

Aysgarth were our guests and despite outnumbering us nearly 2 to 1, we maintained equilibrium by only having 7 a-side at any one time. Some might say having Olivia Breese is like getting two for the price of one, such is the verve with which she plays, but this isn’t a one-woman team… ok, technically it is, but you know what I mean.

Sam Scarff once again showed off his fancy footwork and eye for the line, making many a darting run to befuddle the opposition. Henry displayed the sort of determination that makes the difference between winning and losing, while Ted also put himself about to good effect. Oliver, Freddie, Rhys and Christopher did their bit too, showing much more awareness of their positioning and making great efforts throughout the match.

It was a ding-dong affair, with neither team really getting on top, though we did¬†just about¬†have our noses in front for much of the game. There are elements of the sport where the penny will soon begin to drop collectively, such as learning to stay onside and keeping a good defensive arrangement, aspects that the excellent ‚ÄėCoach Woolley‚Äô will surely drill into them in due course.¬†At one point I thought our headmaster was about to tear off to get a flag and run the line in an attempt to apply the RFU rules to the letter. It wasn‚Äôt an International, sir!¬†

There were moments where maulsbegan to develop as players from both sides piled in, letting their desire to get the ball overtake the need for it to be released unimpeded. A few rugby tackles crept in too, roughly disguised as endeavours to grab a tag, as players held onto anything they could get hold of. The chance to give one’s opponents some bruises and a mouthful of mud mixed with grass will come soon enough.

The final score was 13 tries apiece, reflecting the balanced nature of the event. Thanks to the hardy types who came out to cheer the team on - you saw a good match with some splendid performances.

Whether your correspondent will have the pleasure of herding your cats, sorry, refereeing your children, in another tag rugby match is unknown, but I must admit, it has been quite good fun, trotting up and down the pitch without having too many potentially contentious decisions to worry about‚Ķ¬†and despite the funny shape of the ‚Äėball‚Äô.


Phil Magson