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On a frosty cold Wednesday, the U9 girls travelled to Cundall to play Netball. This would be the third time the girls would be playing Cundall in the term but the first for Netball, so they were all very excited. Due to the weather and the girl's commitment to sing in the Junior Choir at 3.30pm the match would still be played in quarters but they would be 6 minutes, meaning each minute of play was important. 

Bibbed up the girls were very keen to get going and found it a little strange to be playing on Astro they gradually began to find their passes. There was some super team work in the center between Isla, Edie, Elspeth and Serena as they work hard to dodge and get free of the opposition. It did however lead to some bunch and the slight sound of birds feeding as they ended up all calling for the ball. However, with a little guidance from the sideline this slowly reduced and the ball travelled more freely down the pitch which resulted in 3!! fantastic goals by Sophia McCabe.

In the half time talk we focused on keeping our passes sharp and making sure we stayed closed to who we needed to mark so as not to lose the advantage we had worked so hard for.  They did not disappoint with Lauren and Hannah both making excellent defenders the Cundall team only managed to have one shot in the entire second half. The team work in the center continued to be good and even with a few slips the girls found their passes and communicated in a calmer and clearer manner before Lucy, who had been so unlucky in the first three quarters, scored our fourth and final goal. 

Final score: Terrington Hall 4   Cundall Manor 0 

The girls all worked hard throughout the match, listening and cheering each other on. It was a delight to be able to take and coach them today and I am sure they will become a team to be reckoned with next term. 

Miss Knights