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Terrington U8s travelled to Aysgarth for their 2nd rugby match of the season. We took a strong squad which included Ben Gunn, Will Rivis and Arthur Camacho from year 2 along with all the familiar faces from year 3. It was clear from the off that there were two attack minded teams going against each other. It was pleasing to see a better understanding of the rules (notwithstanding a few offsides and forward passes) and the game soon resembled a rugby fixture.

Some elusive running from Charles Cook, William Farnsworth and Albert Wilton set Terrington off to a good start. As Aysgarth had some very dangerous runners in their ranks it was vital that we had a stubborn defensive display. Enter Will Rivis, Ben Gunn and Micheal Mulryne who chased down everything and anything that moved. There is nothing more delightful, yet heart breaking, than watching a young player weave his way through every member of the opposition showing fantastic balance and guile only to find out that his tag was taken back at the very start. It was very well played young Gunn.

As the game progressed it was pleasing to see the boys passing, supporting and encouraging each other, none more so than Angus Thompson who resembled more of a site manager organising his staff (a very important role within a team). Arthur Camacho made an impressive debut scoring a brace of tries with the second one a particular favourite after some quick passing from Edward Dobson and William Bazire ‚ÄďSmith to put their team-mate in space down the touchline.

A great team performance and I am very much looking forward to seeing this talented group develop.

Alex Crockett