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We were all very excited about our trip to Richmond House ‚Äď we were sad that Connie couldn‚Äôt come with us because she was ill.¬† We are looking forward to playing with her next time.

We played 7 matches, and our play improved with each match.  We got better at marking, and at looking for spaces when our team had the ball.  Our shooters also got more confident during the day.

Thea and Annabel both defended brilliantly.  Emily T and Sophia had some great attempts at goal, and Emily R and Darcie did some excellent passing.

Match 1:  Pocklington

Pocklington had the ball to start with, and accidently passed the ball to Darcie, which gave us a good start.  Annabel fell over and suffered an injury early in the game, but bravely carried on and managed to score our first goal of the festival.  We won the match 1-0.

Match 2:  Bronte House

Great opening play by Terrington created lots of chances for us to score.  Both teams played really well, and used the whole court.  Emily R did some super marking, and the final score was 0-0 after an exciting match.

Match 3:  Gateways

Brilliant passing by all Terrington players early in the game got us off to a good start.  Gateways had excellent shooters and scored a really good goal.  Soon Thea scored too to bring us to 1-1.  Gateways then scored a second goal, and so did Thea!  Emily R then tried for a long shot, which went in, putting us 3-2 ahead.  Thea scored the final goal to take us to a 4-2 win.

Match 4:  Froebelian

Froebelian scored an excellent opening goal, followed quickly by another, and then a third.  During this match there was great defensive play by Darcie, who snatched the ball off the floor from among the feet of the opposition.  We had a very nice try at goal by Annabel, and another good try by Emily T, but the final score was 3-0 to Froebelian.

Match 5:  Richmond House

A very fast paced and exciting match, with excellent attacking and defending play from both teams.  The final score was a 0-0 draw.

Match 6: Richmond House

Two quick early goals by Richmond House were followed by some super defending by Terrington.  Another goal by Richmond House took them to a 3-0 lead.  Darcie then had two excellent tries at goal, and a lovely goal from Sophia took the final score to 3-1 to Richmond House.

An exciting festival of netball where we won two of our matches, drew two, and were beaten twice.  Everyone played so well that I would like the whole team to share man of the match!  Thank you to Richmond House for organizing a great afternoon, and for Miss Knights and Miss Diggory for taking us, and for umpiring.

By Lily Stott