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On Tuesday 30th January 13 of the 20 U9 girls geared up for a home netball match against Minster. The girls would be split into two balanced teams - Red with Miss Diggory and Blue with myself. The girls excitedly warmed up, showing how well they can listen as they followed all of Miss Diggory's instructions and worked on their shooting as they awaited Minster's arrival. 


U9 Red Team

The red team made up of; Rosie, Imogen, Roma, Sophia, Claudia and Emily R.

It was a nail biting end and the girls had won 2 - 1. 

O Diggory


U9 Blue Team

The blue team made up of; Olivia, Jana, Annabel, Thea, Darcie, Connie and Lily would be rotating around the positions with each girl getting their chance to score and opportunity to cheer on from the side lines, an important skill to learn from anyone bidding for a position in a school team. Throughout the match the girls worked hard to mark their partners. They began to spread out with gentle encouragement and I was pleased to see strong chest passes being used rather than the old favourite big over the head throws, an important habit not to get into. All the girls put their all into the matches with the best goal of the match coming from Connie near the edge of the D! A very proud class teacher moment. 

Final score Terrington Blue team 7 - Minster 0

C Knights