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On Tuesday 13th March Terrington Hall School hosted its annual Under 9 netball tournament. Despite the recent grim weather, the afternoon ran dry and mild allowing some fantastic netball to take place. Spectators arrived in droves as the minibuses from visiting schools lined the square. Girls in their team colours and bibs bubbled with excitement, as an opportunity to play against such a wide variety of schools is rare.

Miss Shelley (Head of Girls’ Games) opened the tournament with a welcoming speech and an explanation: every team will play four games, followed by semi-final and final matches. Terrington Hall’s B team, captained by Rosie Cooke, played valiantly against some strong opposition teams in Group 2. They lost three matches, but drew against Richmond House’s B team 1-1. These games saw some fabulous attacking play from Thea Camacho, Emily Tench and Emily Rycroft. The B team made their way through to a play-off match to decide 5th and 6th position. This tense game really tested the team’s nerves. Some great defending from Flora Willoughby and Annabel Roberts secured a 0-0 draw and the team claimed 5th place overall due to points awarded over the competition.

The Terrington Hall A team, captained by Daisy Lindenberg, opened the tournament with a confident win over St Mary’s Hall. Next, they faced Cundall Manor and some brilliant shooting from Daisy and Olivia Breese meant the team now carried two wins and 10 points to their name. Hattie Langley played Centre for the team and proved how vital the smooth and rapid connection between our defence and attack was as she provided many opportunities for our team to score against Gateways’ B team. Our fourth and final match in the group stage was against The Minster School and the girls continued their unbeaten streak winning 2-1.

As the team moved into the semi-finals, the pressure began to build. However, the girls took it in their stride and wonderful defending from Matilda Rivis and Mollie Corrigan-Hearn meant the semi-final against Gateways’ A team was a draw. Due to the points collected in the group stage, Terrington Hall proceeded to the final. Richmond House’s A team were our opponents in the ultimate stage of this tournament and they were a solid opposition. Both teams played fiercely with adrenaline clearly taking effect. The game was tense and the spectators and coaches held their breath as each school scored goals. The end whistle blew and the score was 2-2. Therefore, this tournament ended on a special note: joint champions!

I am thoroughly proud of our Under 9 girls because they played with enthusiasm and displayed fantastic sportsmanship. To end our season with a tournament win is fabulous and represents the dedication the girls have for this sport.

I would also like to congratulate Richmond House and thank all of the schools for attending.

Olivia Diggory