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Terrington Hall School U8 and U9 Hockey

Date: 06/11/2018

Opponent: Gateways School

Venue: Home

Score: Superstars won 4-3, Rock Stars won 7-3 and the Shooting Stars lost 5-4.

Scorers: Superstars: Niamh (two goals) and Isabella (two goals).

Rock Stars: Isobel (three goals), Darcie (two goals) and Thea (two goals).

Shooting Stars: Emily T (one goal), Imogen (one goal) and Nell (two goals).

Notable performances:

On the Superstars team Rosa defended fabulously and prevented Gateways from taking more opportunities to score. On the Rock Stars team, Darcie was amazing at seizing every chance when we were attacking and worked hard to get in front of the opposition and ensure that Terrington kept possession. On the Super Stars team, Emily T worked as a wonderful midfielder shifting between attacking and defending seamlessly.

Coach’s comments:

This was a fabulous match because the girls had the opportunity to play as a small team. This meant they were encouraged to spread out and understand how the left, centre and right channels are used. We were all extremely impressed with the girls.

O Diggory, C Knights and H McBeath