Meal times are hugely important to us at Terrington Hall. We see them as a social occasion where pupils and staff have the opportunity to share conversation while they eat. Staff head the tables at lunchtimes and ensure that table manners are promoted and observed as well as guiding the conversation and listening to the children’s interests and achievements. The presence of staff also helps to ensure that children are eating a sufficient amount to see them through their very busy days in school. There are two lunchtime sittings, one for Nursery to Year Three and one for Year Four to Year Eight.

All the meat and fresh fruit and vegetables are supplied by local suppliers and the kitchen team provides home-made meals for breakfast, lunch and supper every day.

All dietary requirements are catered for. We work very closely with the children and their parents to make sure that all requests and tastes are met, whether these are requested for religious or medical reasons, or out of lifestyle choice.

Children are provided with fresh fruit as a snack every morning and fruit is available as a pudding option at lunch and supper. Requests for additional fruit at other times during the day are never turned down. There is a salad bar option at lunch which is available on a rotational basis for children in the Prep School. At supper time all children may take a salad option if they so wish. Pre-Prep are provided with a selection of sliced raw vegetables at the table.

There is a catering committee headed by a senior member of staff. This seeks to gauge the pupils’ opinions on school food and to ensure that the pupils’ likes and dislikes are communicated to the catering team.

If you have any comments or queries regarding our menus, or any suggestions for the next term, please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs Rachael Liversidge (Catering Manager); or 01653 649900.

The current term’s menu can be downloaded here.