Welcome to Pre-Prep

Letting them be little

Taking small steps into an energetic environment. Igniting that childhood spark every day. Learning to love learning. In Pre-Prep, your child will learn to ask questions, strive for answers, work in a team and celebrate their achievements. And they'll get to do this in the classroom, in our forest school and extensive grounds, in the swimming pool or as part of an educational outing or after-school activity. Wherever their learning takes place, they’ll always be with adults who genuinely care.

Taking little steps, making lifelong friends.

At Terrington Hall, we know the value of physical and emotional health and well-being. Each Pre-Prep child learns how taking small steps leads to greater confidence, and how calculating risks can give them the courage to try new things. And by guiding their sense of empathy, we help them treat each other, their community, and the planet, with kindness.
Because the relationships they build with friends, teachers and classmates are a huge part of their learning journey. Our small, personal classes, great staff to pupil ratios and strong pastoral care make Pre-Prep a safe, secure and stimulating environment. One where they can explore their curiosity and creativity, and feel comfortable taking risks, making mistakes and building their unique abilities.

You have made our children’s first school years unforgettably happy and we are forever grateful.

It’s all part of our aim to help each child grow up showing empathy, humility and good manners. To show them how to think critically, solve problems, lead with others and grab opportunities. So they can grow into a lifelong learner, fully aware of their abilities and responsibilities to the world around them.

Close parent partnership via Tapestry

We use Tapestry Learning Journals to record special moments of children’s time in school, keeping parents fully involved in partnership as their children grow and building up a treasured memoir that they can take with them.
Parents log on with a secure username and password to view snapshots of the Nursery and Pre-Prep day in observations and photographs. We also invite parents to add their own observations.

Pre Prep at our Private School

At Terrington Hall, each child is guided to develop self-confidence, empathy, courage and an understanding of their responsibilities to each other and the world. We also help them learn to lead, think critically, grab opportunities and enjoy learning throughout their lives. This is the Terrington Promise.