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The early years of a child’s education are the most vital for their development in terms of physical and emotional health and well-being, behaviour and lifelong learning.

The Terrington journey for many of our children begins in Pre-Prep - a fun, stimulating and nurturing environment in which each child is treated as an individual and encouraged to develop at their own pace.

Small class sizes, excellent staff to pupil ratios, strong pastoral care and positive relationships with parents underpin the smooth transition from home life. Through our interaction with the children we encourage good manners, respect for others and moral values. With a consistent ethos, a sense of security and an emphasis on celebrating achievements, even our youngest pupils quickly settle in to school life and begin to develop confidence and independence.

The focus in the early years is to develop a love of school and a love of learning whilst laying strong foundations for future academic success. Additional support is available for those who need it and more challenging work is provided for learners ready to move to the next level.

From an early age, the Pre-Prep pupils have access to the main school facilities, including laptop computers, indoor swimming pool, sports hall and extensive grounds. This fosters a sense of community and opens up a wide range of opportunities for our youngest pupils.

Children enjoy numerous educational outings to enrich learning and the school offers after-school clubs and activities to appeal to a variety of interests.

At Terrington we believe in working closely with the families of the children in our care to ensure that we jointly support the children to achieve their potential.

We look forward to getting to know you as a family and giving your child the best possible start.

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