The Prep School Co-curriculum

Days packed with adventures

Days are packed with activities and opportunities at Terrington Hall, so every child is inspired and invigorated by the next adventure.

Whether it’s an extension of a classroom topic or the chance to learn something completely different, children will always find something which captures their interest. And while they’re engaged and entertained, they’ll also be building life-skills like teamwork, collaboration, kindness and confidence.

Expanding horizons

Terrington Hall pupils are, of course, immersed in music, drama and sport, but beyond this our TALL and Enrichment programmes foster both a love of the outdoors, and an appreciation of the wider life of school and society. Whether it is through environmental activities such as hedge planting, creative and exciting off-curriculum days, or designing building and maintaining the school bike track, we encourage pupils to problem solve, work as a team and flex their creative muscles.

Our rolling programme of Enrichment activities include a Current Affairs Club, cross country runs, golf, learning how to solve cryptic puzzles and problems, and learning Greek, Japanese, yoga or pottery.

Helping children to grow at our private school

Year 8 have the opportunity to engage in an optional iPQ where they are encouraged to follow an interest in a topic or idea. ‘What percentage of the countryside should we sacrifice for better transport links?’ and ‘Does the label ‘vegan’ prejudice how people think food will taste?’ are just two examples of the challenging and thought-provoking topics chosen in the past.

All of our year groups record the journey they make through school once every half term, reflecting on their achievements and successes. By the end of their school experience, they can look back with pride on how they have grown as young people ready for the next exciting stage of their education.

Terrington encourages everyone to find their strengths. Not just in the classroom , but also on the sports pitches, on stage, and in music.