Welcome to the Prep School

Big moments every day at our Independent School

Exploring with an inquisitive mind. Developing individual abilities. Becoming an independent lifelong learner. From joining us in Year 3 to the end of Year 8, each child is encouraged and supported to seize every opportunity to expand their horizons. And as small steps become big steps, we’re right here to continue building their confidence and helping them to embrace every challenge.

Lower Prep (Years 3 to 5)

Your child will be welcomed to Lower Prep with the kindness and sense of community we encourage – whether they come from our Pre-Prep class or another school. 

Lower Prep children make huge progress in their social skills, confidence and ability. They learn how to take responsibility for their own learning and to collaborate together. From the classroom, our extensive grounds, to educational trips into the outside world, each child develops life skills, shares experiences and learns how to have a go without fear of failure.

They develop a close relationship with their class teacher, and learn unique abilities from specialists in music, art, PE, Spanish, games and swimming. And because we all grow in different ways, our interactive, topic-based lessons are tailored to suit all sorts of learning styles. They also begin working on our unique TALL programme, which expands children’s horizons by giving them opportunities beyond the curriculum to grow and develop skills including teamwork, critical thinking, empathy and communication.

Upper Prep (Years 6 to 8)

From Year 6 onwards, we’ll further encourage your child’s independence by helping them follow their passions. They’ll learn from specialist teachers in the core subjects of English, maths and science. Furthermore, we also provide specialist teaching in the humanities, French, Spanish, Latin, Greek, ICT, music, drama, sport, art and PSHE. Children continue to work on our TALL programme, becoming peer mentors, supporting younger pupils, and taking the lead in organising events.

Every child learns in small classes where their teacher can really get to know them and pay close attention to their effort and progress. Which is one of the reasons many Year 7 children join us from other schools.

Years 7 and 8

In Years 7 and 8, children mature and grow in confidence in this safe and nurturing setting which prolongs their childhood just long enough. They are stretched, challenged and empowered to make the next step up to their chosen senior school.

Each child is fully prepared for the relevant entrance exams, particularly the Common Entrance, and staff work closely with them to ensure a smooth transition to their school of choice. We enjoy close links with prestigious senior schools near and far and staff share their knowledge and expertise to with parents to help select the right school for every child.

The Terrington Promise

At Terrington Hall, each child is guided to develop self-confidence, empathy, courage and an understanding of their responsibilities to each other and the world. We also help them learn to lead, think critically, grab opportunities and enjoy learning throughout their lives. This is the Terrington Promise.

Thank you for the respective parts you have played in contributing to our daughter’s development over the years at Terrington, through offering so many opportunities and the years of excellent academic and co-curricular teaching. She (and we!) are very lucky.