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For many pupils, Art is one of the most popular subjects at Terrington Hall. Perhaps because it allows as much freedom of expression as possible for the children to approach projects in their own way, with their own interpretation, where they can immerse themselves in their own vision. Of course, this takes a certain level of confidence. At Terrington, Art lessons are all about developing this.

Every pupil is encouraged to believe that creating art is something they can do, not by merely applying themselves - though this helps – but by putting aside any preconceived notions of whether they think they can or can’t do it, and having a go. Most important of all, by risking failure and daring to succeed.

Specialist Art teaching is offered from Year 3 through to Year 8 giving pupils the opportunity to engage in a variety of projects designed to stretch their imaginations and offering experience in a range of media: oil pastel, acrylic and gouache, photography, charcoal, collage, 3D design, pottery, print, batik, and even lighting and digital manipulation. A wide range of subject matter is explored. This ranges from still life to live animals, from landscape to portraiture, and is frequently informed by an exposure to the work of great artists from all eras, adapted to inspire and embolden pupils of all abilities and ages. It is sometimes linked to other areas of the curriculum to consolidate and stimulate understanding of a topic by encouraging individuals to consider their subject from a different angle. Pupils can discover artists, experiment with their style and develop personal projects through workshops and visits to various galleries and museums.

For the children, one of the chief joys is to see their work prominently displayed around the school - in the dining room and corridors and at the annual Summer Art Exhibition which involves every pupil from Year Three to Year Eight. Above all, Art should be both inclusive and validating, affording every child the opportunity to find the means by which to express their personality and to look with pride on what they have created.